Self Development VS Self Growth

Self Development VS Self Growth

Self Development VS Self Growth

Never in my life did I believe that I would be on the path that I am on now. At one point in time, I knew nothing but sadness and despair. I know it probably sounds cliché, but that is the truth.

I wasn’t happy with my life and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t even sure what life was supposed to have been like, but I knew there was something missing. As I observed friends and family, I thought to myself, ok, I am doing what they are doing, but I still feel empty.

So I mimicked and copied others around me until I could copy no more. Eventually I would take the most courageous step in my life… facing myself.

I had heard that when things happen in your life at a young age that it could affect your adult life, but I wasn’t sure and I never researched it. Until, that is, my body shut down in many ways.

Little did I know that this was my soul’s cry for help. Often times in life, we just kind of go along with what is expected of us even though we may feel deep down inside, that we want something different. Well just how exactly do we go about getting this “something” different when we don’t even know what it is we want?

If you take a moment to explore the world around you, outside of the norm, you will discover some interesting things that have been happening for quite some time that will definitely change your life.

When you get to the point of wanting something different or just wanting to experience new things, it is the perfect time to explore the world of personal development.

So, what exactly is personal development you ask? Personal development is when you take time to strengthen yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

It is about bringing these aspects of yourself into greater balance so that you can reach your highest human potential and live a better quality of life. Hopefully we do things to physically take care of ourselves such as taking vitamins and nutritional supplements, exercising, and eating healthy.

Well, we have to do the same thing for ourselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our growth and development does not stop with schooling or our careers even though these things contribute to our growth. This is where personal development kicks in.

The reason personal development is a good thing is because you get to clear away those self-sabotaging things that have been keeping you from doing certain things with your life that you may have always wanted to do. You might want a new career, a new home, a new body, or to take dance lessons, play an instrument.

Whatever your reason, personal development is the perfect maintenance tool to keep you running. You can live a good quality of life by using it. You don’t have to just deal with whatever life dishes out to you. You actually have the power to change things around.

Usually when a person first begins their journey, they don’t think that there is much for them to work on. Yet, as they delve deeper into their past or current affairs, they realize there are a lot of things that happened, that bothered them that they learned how to cope with.

So now, here are all of these coping mechanisms and they run so deep that a person can be totally in denial.

Personal development, when dealing with mind/emotions, can totally remove ego and make you look at yourself, your inner self, butt naked. Once that happens you will be challenged with the now what and who am I and why am I here.

These are all natural and sooner or later everyone ponders on this question. The journey to personal development leads you to this answer. If you are one that already knows what your life’s journey is about, then personal development will help you master it.

With all of the above being said, personal development does have different levels. You have those that read books and write, meditate, and do hobbies. These are simply nice things that help a person to relax and enjoy themselves.

When you take things up a notch, you began releasing emotional/mental things that have been holding you back. It could be low self esteem, it could be working on love issues or parent issues, it could be your health or anything.

The only way to remove limiting belief patterns and to really improve your life with personal development is by getting to the root of all the beliefs. Once you get to the root of every issue you just change it and create a more positive one. We do this using Theta healing.

Theta Healing works on your belief system that is stored in the subconscious mind. Within the subconscious mind there are 4 belief levels that the limiting beliefs are removed from.

When the limiting beliefs are removed, you are able to move forward with things in your life that you weren’t able to do so with before.

In addition to that, you have your personal energy or aura that you need to work on. The aura of a person is the energy you feel from them when you come into contact with them.

It can be direct contact or just being around them, but you do feel something. You also can end up absorbing some of their negative energy if not careful. Personal development can teach you how to deal with this in a balanced way.

Learning how to deal with the energy of others and energy of situations is a part of something called Energy Wellness.

The thing to remember is that it is good to feed your mind with knowledge and then if possible, follow through with action. It is good to exercise. It is good to do personal energy exercises too such as chakra balancing or aura cleansing and Reiki.

In addition to that, it is certainly good to meditate, pray, chant or sing, but so long as you do something to recognize your inner power enough to bring it out. This is a part of your empowerment and you’re never going to walk in it if you don’t take time to develop it.

A musician develops his talents, the same with an athlete or a dancer. So what are you doing for yourself? Have you done anything to assist your personal growth? Change requires planning and action. You add that together with integrity and honesty and some hard work, and you got yourself an awakened masters.

  • Self Growth

Self Development VS Self Growth


The most successful people place a great deal of importance on further personal growth and development. They are at the peak of their careers but are still taking time out of their busy schedules to push themselves endlessly out of their comfort zone and unleash more of their inner potential.

So, what does personal growth mean to you? It is a process of spiritual, physical, social and spiritual growth that lasts a lifetime. It’s a process of active learning and developing new skills long after formal education has been completed.

The beauty of personal growth is that the possibilities are endless – you can learn as much as you want in your field. And as you continue to grow, you will be embarking on an extraordinary and meaningful path in life.

For personal growth, it’s never too late, even if it’s your first time. Now is definitely a good time to be doing this!

  • The Process of Self Growth and Development?

There can be no universal strategy for personal growth and development, as each person is an individual.

Every path to personal growth and development is an individual’s life’s journey. It is up to the individual to decide what path to take and where that path will lead. However, there are a few questions that will help you on your journey.

  • Current Situation?

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and your good and bad habits.

  • What is Your Favourite Step?

Let’s look at what you want to improve and why you want to improve that attribute.

  • Understand Your Works

Find the knowledge and experience you need to get closer to your ideal self. You can find the resources to help you reach your ideal state.” The Dreamer’s Awakening workshop is a great example of a workshop that contributes to social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and self development.

  • Beneficail Time?

Make a list of activities and events you’d like to try at any time. Use it as a checkpoint to help you achieve your goals.

  • How to Get Knowledge about Personal Growth?

There are many books, articles, seminars, and trainers that teach personal growth. If you think this topic is interesting and want to do something about it, you can just do a search online and find all the information you need.

  • How Self Growth Helps You to Change?

Personal growth can help you in all areas of your life. I hope this helps you with your work. It can change the way you think about your work and increase your chances of getting ahead.

Personal growth can help you grow emotionally and psychologically to become a more loving, compassionate and positive person.

It also serves as a guide to help you notice, correct and change your mistakes and negative habits.

There are many techniques to help you grow yourself, including creative visualization, repetitive speech, developing a positive mindset, and meditation. Personal development also includes counselling, coaching, and reading.

A very simple and beneficial way to grow personally is to look at your actions and your life with an unbiased and open perspective. In doing so, you will know what you and your life needs to do.

  • Observe Other Peoples

Observing the actions and behaviours of others can help you. Thus, by identifying the positive and negative parts of your personality and being aware of whether or not you have them, you can understand what needs to be improved within you.

Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why you need to explore different personal growth techniques and methods to find the right one for you.

  • Turning The Best Time To Self Development

Too many of our days are filled with useless activities. I don’t do anything at times like this. The daily commute, going to Starbucks for coffee, going to the shower, it’s like every moment that wastes precious time not doing something really meaningful.




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