Your Immune System And Support Body Defense

Immune System

Your physical body has an incredible ability to heal itself. You support your immune system when you eat correctly; when you add supplements that support your immune complex; when you reduce tension and stress; when you exercise on a regular basis and when you steadily try to address your emotional and spiritual well-being.

The innate capacity of your body to protect you from invaders such as microbes, viruses, and fungi can be enhanced or made weaker. If you do not eat well, are under consistent pressure, dwell in negative thought processes and emotions, do not work regularly; and have to deal with poisons in the air, water, and food, then you may have weak immunity.

  • Your Immune System Work

Definition of your immune system: an extensive network of cells, tissues and chemicals protecting your body from substances causing illness; that destroys infected and cancer-causing cells; and removes cell by-products (wastes).

Your immune complex is very specialized and an important network for your on-going health and well-being. A multitude of different cells, chemical interactions and chemical communications between cells make up the entirety of your immunity.

All members comprising your immune system have specialized functions. The cells on the immune team can engulf bacteria, kill parasites or tumor cells, or kill viral-infected cells.

What is important to understand is your immune system is a team performing an intricate dance and teamwork. All the members and constituents know how to play and how to dance together on the team.

The primary function of your immune system is to defend you against infection. If your immune complex is working at the height of its ability, few bacteria, microbes, viruses, and fungi, cancer cells or parasites (worms and other cells that live off your body) can make a home inside your body.

  • Your Immune System Tasks:

Immune System

Kill and Remember Your immune system is like a community, a network, or a team. Its two most important tasks are to kill and to remember. For the cells in your immune system to kill and remember, they must be able to recognize foreign substances as they invade your body.

Invaders are everywhere. They may be inside your body, or they may be outside in the environment. They are ready to infect your body. The strength of your immune system determines whether they are successful at infecting you or not.

Your immune organization must be able to recognize the different invaders. All invaders release chemicals and proteins known by your immune network.

When an invader is identified, this triggers a “kill response” by special immune cells. The cells responsible for killing actually eat and digest the invader. (This is going on inside your body all the time).

Eating the invader allows some immune cells to package the invader bad guys so other members of the team recognize them if the same invaders return.

When you eat well, exercise, and take an immune support supplement, you can keep your immune team performing at its best. Keeping your immunity strong results in better health. You consistently feel better with a stronger immune system.

Unrivaled Support for Your Immune System

Reactive Molecules in a Bottle Protect and strengthen your cells and support your immune system with a liquid stable form of ‘reactive molecules.’ These tiny particles provide the basic materials your immune network needs to work to the best of its ability.

Reactive molecules are produced by mitochondria, organelles inside every cell in your body. They supply the raw materials you need for your immune complex perform its natural functions of detecting, destroying and removing harmful invaders and damaged cells in your body.

ASEA is a stable form of your native reactive molecules.

Reactive molecules are immune communicators. These basic components protect, strengthen and support your immune functions. This stable mixture, ASEA is designed to safely and effectively support your entire immune complex and its healthy work inside your body.

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  • Natural Remedies To Boost Your Immunity

Immune System

Immunity is the name given to a galaxy of defense mechanisms with in the body to combat and resist the attack of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses and foreign bodies.

Immunity consists of specific or non specific components. Non-specific components restrict any kind of pathogenic invasion and specific components are the result of diseases encountered.

The immune system adjusts and adapts itself to each new disease the body picks up, and generates pathogen specific immunity.

Immunity can be classified in to two broad types: innate and acquired. Innate immunity is the body’s very own inborn or natural resistance power against a wide range of germs. Examples of innate immunity are as follows: cough reflex, mucous, skin, stomach acid and enzymes in tears and skin oil.

Innate immunity may be in the form of protein chemical, and is known as innate humeral immunity. Acquired immunity again falls in to two categories: naturally acquired and artificially acquired.

Naturally acquired immunity is acquired by the body as a response to an invasion by some disease causing agent and the invasion is not deliberate.

Artificially acquired immunity is the deliberate exposure of the body to disease causing agents, and it occurs mainly through vaccination.

The naturally acquired immunity or the artificially acquired immunity may be both active and passive. Passive immunity consists in antibodies produced in and transferred from another person’s or animal’s body.

For instance, babies are born with passive immunity or antibodies transferred from the mother’s placenta.

Passive immunization is a long-lasting protection in the form of antiserum injections which bear antibodies produced in another body.

Precaution against hepatitis and tetanus are instances of passive immunization.

  • Symptoms

1. Chronic infections
2. Frequent cold and flu
3. Swollen lymph nodes
4. Frequent cold sores and genital herpes
5. Feeling fatigued or exhausted
6. Cancer.

  • Natural remedies to boost up immunity and prevent diseases

1. Polyphenols in black and green tea is an immunity boosting agent.

2. Consumption of mushrooms increase the white blood cells count to fight against bacteria.

3. Vitamin A and C rich diet increases immunity. Thus one must include more and more potatoes, carrots, squash, papaya, pumpkin, tomatoes, kiwi fruit and other yellow vegetables in diet.

4. Zinc rich diet also boosts up immunity. Thus milk, pork, fortified cereals, poultry, oysters and yoghurt should be consumed in optimum quantities.

5. Flavonid rich food items like garlic, berries and yoghurt increases immunity.

6. Pepper should be used in salads and while cooking. Pepper, rich in antioxidants and a natural decongestant, improves effectively the immune health.

7. Grounded flax seed, sesame seed may be taken every morning along with a paste of 2 almonds and honey. This mixture strengthens immune cells.

8. Avoiding antibiotics is an effective way of maintaining high immunity level.

9. One should get at least 8 hours of sound sleep to keep the body fresh and rejuvenated.

10. Smoking should be avoided.

11. Fluid intake should be raised to enhance immunity power.

  • 5 Foods That Boost Your Immunity

With the holidays comes flu season. Because of this, the foods you choose this month can make or break your merrymaking. See, what you eat can impact your immune system health dramatically.

As you’ll soon discover, how you feast this holiday may determine whether you spend a week on the couch fighting the flu… or celebrating.

But don’t worry -we’ve got you covered. By getting extra helpings of the 5 immune-supporting foods I mention here, you’ll be giving your immune system the nutrition it needs to do its job right. If you feast right this winter, you’ll keep your defenses strong.

But before we get into the stellar immune foods you load your plate up with, let’s start with something you should go light on…

Sugar: The Immune-Busting Food You Don’t Want Too Much Of

It’s kind of a double whammy… Just when the threat of getting sick is at its highest, we get hit with a festive parade of holiday sweets.

Why is this a problem? Sugar drops your immune system down to all-time lows. It only takes about 75 grams of sugar (about two cans of soda’s worth) to decrease your white blood cells’ ability to attack and destroy invading bacteria. And even worse, these immune-busting effects last for several hours after you eat the sugar.[1]

So perhaps a modest holiday treat here or there is okay. But beware… if you don’t exercise some caution with this dangerous sweet stuff, you might find yourself in bed with the flu, unable to enjoy the holidays at all.

Okay, enough said about the bad stuff. Let’s move onto the good stuff, starting with…

1: Cranberries

Immune System

While we usually associate these cheery berries with fighting urinary tract infections, they also have a mounting pile of evidence behind their immune boosting power.

Research conducted at the University of Florida at Gainesville Food and Nutrition Institute showed that after just 8 weeks of eating them regularly, these bright little fruits enhanced immune cells and primed them to be ready to defend you.

Cranberries as sauce, juice or even dried can all give you some of cranberry’s immune boosting help. But for best effects, look for recipes with minimal refined sugar, sweetened with other fruits or fruit juices instead.

2: Squash

Immune System

Just the sight of squash’s bright orange and yellows is enough to make you feel better. But it’s not just their looks. Squash is high in beta carotene. Your body turns beta carotene into vitamin A.

Vitamin A plays a key role in helping your immune system cells differentiate. In other words, it helps your immune cells develop expert specializations so they can protect you better.

Do you love squash’s nutty sweetness so much you could you eat squash all winter long – not just over the holidays? You’re in luck! Apparently the beta carotene supplies in squash increase over time as they sit in storage. So save a few for a post-holiday immune fortification feast.

3: Garlic

Immune System

What feast is complete without a liberal dose of garlic? And certainly, this spicy bulb is an immune powerhouse. When volunteers took a garlic supplement daily for 3 months, they experienced significantly fewer colds and spent significantly less time being sick than the placebo group.

There’s a trick to using garlic to stay healthy, however. Garlic is really only effective when its unique sulfur compound, called allicin, starts to decompose. To get the decomposed allicin in your system, make sure you chop up your garlic and then wait for 10 minutes before cooking with it or mixing it with acids.

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4: Oats

Immune System

Okay, oatmeal isn’t really something you think about eating when you’re decking the halls. Especially when you’ve got all those holiday treats like sugar plums dancing around. But nonetheless, it’s the perfect warming winter breakfast. And not just because it’s hot…

Oats are high in beta glucans. Beta glucans are special carbohydrates that have been shown to help with immunity. Beta glucans seem to speed up your body’s ability to locate invaders.

And they seem to boost some immune cells resistance to viruses. In one study on firefighters, researchers found taking beta-glucan supplements daily reduced their rate of getting a cold by 23%.

So if you’ve been traipsing from party to party, break it up with a bowl of oatmeal. When you combine oatmeal’s immune-boosting beta-glucans with its heart-healthy fiber, you’ve got a great counterbalance to the holiday’s rich fare.

Sprinkle in a few cranberries or stir in some pumpkin puree and you’ve made it even more of an immune-boosting superfood.

(Hint: You can probably hold the garlic!)

5: Chlorella

Immune System


Chlorella alga is not your traditional holiday food, mind you, although it is a festive green color. But there’s a reason I advocate chlorella so much, especially during the holidays. Chlorella…


  • Gives you more beta carotene ounce per ounce than most vitamin-A rich foods.
  • Boosts your immune system on many fronts.
  • Is a rich source of defense fortifying beta-glucans.


And best of all – not only is chlorella outstanding nutrition for your immune health – it’s easy. You don’t have to bake or baste it. All you have to do is take a small handful of tablets in the morning… And oh yeah, and did I mention chlorella is sugar-free?

So don’t miss out on the joy and comfort of the season. Get second helpings of these immune boosting foods and be merry!

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